If not for a local resident who videographed this heart-wrenching incident, it would have never come to light.

The heartless orphanage that made its children to clean manhole is identified as Ambassadors of Goodwill for AIDS Patients Everywhere (AGAPE) based in Uppal in Hyderabad.

Following the incident, the orphanage has come under severe criticism. Balala Hakkula Sangham (BHS), a child rights group, president Achyuta Rao has demanded the arrest of those who run the orphanage for violating child's rights.

The AGAPE orphanage is run by Lynne Guhman-Voggue. She is the founder and managing director of AGAPE India.

Lynn moved to India in 2000 and prior to that she worked in investment management in Massachusetts, says the website. She married Dr Rathnam Voggu, a physician and has been a medical director for several years. Dr Rathnam runs his own hospital at RTC Crossroads in Hyderabad.

According to a report, when asked about the incident, the supervisor is alleged to have said that since the children in the orphanage were HIV infected, no one would come to clean the manholes.

It is disheartening to know that despite the orphanage having a doctor on its board –  who happens to be the husband of the founder –  yet such inhuman practices are followed which absolutely contradict the concern they claim to have towards HIV infected children.

Two persons have been arrested in connection with the incident. Uppal police have registered a case against the warden under violation of Child Labour act and Section 75 of Juvenile Justice Act.