Search giant Google remembers Indian social reformer Savitribai Phule on her birth anniversary. On its India homepage, Google's doodle honours Phule, who was the first woman teacher to teach in India's first ever school for girls. She is also considered as India's first feminist. 


Along with her husband, Jyotirao Phule, she started teaching back in 1848 with a classroom of just nine students. To honour her, the University of Pune was renamed to Savitribai Phule in 2014. A stamp was also released by India Post in 1998 in her honour.


Born on 3 January, 1831, Google remembers Phule on her 186th birthday with a doodle. The simple yet well-thought doodle shows Savitribai Phule embracing women. The doodle signifies how she worked for women's right to education in those times when educating women was unheard of. The doodle shows groups of women gathered and walking towards a building-like structure, which we assume is a school/educational institute.


On its doodles page, Google has provided a link to 'Savitribai Phule's 186th Birthday' that will let you explore the work done by her. She worked as an educational as well as social reformer. She is believed to have worked against discrimination based on gender and caste, and unfair treatment. She was also a poet who wrote several Marathi poems.


Savitribai Phule died on 10 March 1897 while serving patients suffering from bubonic plague as she contracted the disease herself.