The Tamil Nadu farmers are staging a protest from 28 days and had demanded to meet Prime Minister and submit his memorandum to release drought relief package as promised. The farmers were in Delhi but were not allowed to meet the PM. The farmers decided to stage a naked protest in opposition to the PM refusing to meet them.


Farmers staging a protest in Delhi are led by Iyyakannu. Earlier on Monday, the farmers were waiting outside the Prime Minister’s office (PMO) to submit him the memorandum regarding releasing the drought relief fund. But they were not allowed inside and instead were forced to submit the document to some official present in the office.


But the farmers, who have been protesting with dead skulls, dead snake from 28 days to make the authorities realise the plight of the farmers suffering from severe drought.


The protesters who were rolling on the road naked and shouting slogans were arrested by the police. They told that the PM had refused to meet them and that is why they decided to go naked to make the people, authorities understand the sad condition they are in.



The farmers have been protesting demanding the Centre to release Rs 39,000 crore for drought relief as promised. In addition, farmers are asking the Centre to waive off their loans and to provide a pension for the farmers not in a condition to work.


But the BJP leaders have termed their protest as ‘wrong’. The government is provoking the protesters to stage a protest. Instead, the government should have taken up the issue,” said Narayan, a BJP leader, speaking to Puthiya Thalamurai.