Tamil superstar Rajinikanth, fondly known as Rajini among his fans, has dropped several hints that he may enter Tamil Nadu politics. The actor’s new interest in the state’s polity has fuelled rumours that he will be the new face to watch out for.

Rajinikanth’s vision of the state's politics is hinged on a democracy that caters to the people. During a meet-and-greet with his fans in Chennai’s Kodambakkam, he spoke of change that benefits the people. “The current political situation is such that the system does not think about the people. It does nothing for them. That has to change,” he said.

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For many of his fans, such words from their beloved idol is refreshing, especially at a time when Tamil Nadu is broiled in a tussle between the two warring factions of the AIADMK. Many of Rajinikanth’s fans look forward to seeing him enter politics. In fact, sources close to the actor said he might float his own party, reported The Indian Express.

However, Rajinikanth’s rumoured foray into politics isn’t met with the same enthusiasm from some sections of the society. Former Supreme Court Judge Justice Markandeya Katju wrote in his blog that the actor doesn’t have any plans for solving issues such as hunger, malnourishment, poverty and unemployment.

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“Has he any solutions to the massive problems of poverty, unemployment, malnourishment, lack of healthcare, farmers distress, etc? I think he has none. Then why do people want him in politics?” he wrote.

Nevertheless, Rajinikanth, who is now riding on his fans’ devotion and good faith dismissed criticism aimed at him. He added, “What is wrong in my hoping for the welfare of the people who made me who I am?”