While Chennai has been struck by Cyclone Vardah, resulting into no network and internet in the city, Team India has been stranded in their hotel rooms.


The fourth Test between India and England is due to begin on Friday. However, the unstoppable rains, courtesy of Cyclone Vardah has denied Virat Kohli and his boys the match practice before the Test.





Although the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) has assured that MA Chidambaram Stadium will host the fifth and final Test, the situation in the city does raise doubts about it.


Since Kohli and Co. have already sealed the five-Test series 3-0 after they won the fourth Test at Mumbai, they don't seem to be worried about being trapped and not able to undergo any training sessions before the final game.


When there is no training taking place, no available network and wife due to the rains, the Indian team has a great chance to get on with something that they really miss.


Guess, how have they been spending their time?


A boy's obsession with video games is a known fact, be it at any age. When they grow up, their love that habit of their keeps a child alive inside them.





Be it their mother, girlfriend or wife, women have always complained about it. However, that never effects the men; they anyway continue to cheer themselves by beating a player or team on the PlayStation (the most popular gaming brand among the current generation.)


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Karnataka batsman, Karun Nair, who is a part of the Indian team for the England series posted a picture showing him playing FIFA 17 on the PS with Kohli, KL Rahul and Cheteshwara Pujara.


(If these four have been busy all day today, now their family knows why!)


It is not the first time when the Indian team has been pictured playing on the PS. The players may be massive figures in the country, all the time busy on national duty, but when they get some free time, they are just any other guy, who have video games on the top of his bucket list.