In what could be considered as one of the dramatic and dark moments in the history of UEFA Champions League, French champions Paris Saint-Germain and Istanbul Basaksehir decided to give a walkover in their final group stage clash, in Paris, on Tuesday, following a racial slur.

As per reports, Basaksehir assistant coach, Pierre Webo, was involved in a heated row with the fourth official, Sebastian Coltescu, as one of the staff members accused the latter of using a racial term against one of their players. It happened at the 14th-minute mark, with the score being goalless, as 10 minutes later, the players decided to walk off, as PSG sailed into the pre-quarters, following Manchester United’s loss to RB Leipzig.

According to the replays shown on television and AFP’s translation, Coltescu had told Webo, “The black one over there. This is not possible. Go and identify him. That guy, the black one.” Following this, Basaksehir coach Okan Buruk told Coltescu “You are racist.”

Meanwhile, Webo was repeatedly seen chanting at Coltescu “Why you say negro?” Later, Basaksehir player Demba Ba joined the argument, saying “Why when you mention a Black guy, you have to say ‘This Black guy?’”

“The fourth official used the word ‘negro' in front of everybody. If the fourth official is removed from the pitch, then we will restart,” said Basaksehir president Göksel Gümüsdag to TRT Spor.

Here are the videos of the incident:

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Meanwhile, Basaksehir tweeted UEFA’s anti-racism photo, captioned “NO TO RACISM | #Respect”, while PSG retweeted the same.

Following the incident, UEFA sent out a series of tweets, saying “UEFA is aware of an incident during tonight’s Champions League match between Paris Saint-Germain and Istanbul Basaksehir, and will be conducting a thorough investigation. Racism and discrimination, in all its forms, has no place within football. #NoToRacism.”

“UEFA has - after discussion with both clubs – decided on an exceptional basis to have the remaining minutes of the match played tomorrow with a new team of match officials. The kick-off has been set at 18:55 CET,” added UEFA.

The executive director of the anti-discrimination Fare network, Piara Powar, told AP, “The walk-off by both Basaksehir and PSG together lays down a marker in Europe. Many players are fed up with half measures to tackle racism and are more prepared than ever to exercise their right to stop a match.”

“Our colleagues at the Romanian state anti-discrimination organization have confirmed it is racist in Romanian to refer to a player by using his race as an identifier. There is no ambiguity. This incident shows the need for much better training of match officials. Unintentional racism is still racism,” added Powar.

Also, here’s how Belgium national coach Roberto Martinez reacted to the incident: