Manoj Tiwary and Mayank Agarwal take a mind-blowing relay catch to dismiss Ben Stokes.

Manoj Tiwary and  Mayank Agarwal take a mind-blowing relay catch to dismiss Ben Stokes.

Indian cricketers aren’t always appreciated for their fielding skills save the likes of a few. But the Kings XI Punjab's Manoj Tiwary and Mayank Agarwal managed to team up near the boundary line to pull off a relay catch that saw them dismiss RR star player Ben Stokes with a brilliant effort.

IPL 2018 has seen some exceptional moments in the field that have wowed fans from all over the world. Trent Boult's blinder at square leg to dismiss Virat Kohli grabbed eyeballs during the Delhi Daredevils vs Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Rajasthan Royals didn’t show an outstanding performance as they managed to score just 152 runs, thereby giving an easy target to Punjab.

However, the most interesting part of the match was Ben Stokes’ wicket. Mayank Agarwal and Manoj Tiwary showed some wonderful team effort to take the catch. It was the 13th over where Mujeeb was bowling to Stokes.


Kings XI Punjab’s Mayank Agarwal and Manoj Tiwari had pulled off of breathtaking relay catch against Rajasthan Royals on Sunday at the Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore. The Eye-catching dismissal of Ben Stokes occurred at the 13th over of the match when Rajasthan Royal’s Ben Stokes tried to loft the ball over the long off region. Unfortunately for him Mayank Agarwal who was positioned at this point jumped over the ropes, caught the ball in air flight and just as he lost his balance threw the ball to Manoj Tiwary who was running in from long on. 

Tiwary celebrated the catch - which was taken right in front of the King's XI dugout - with a beaming grin, but it was Agarwal who did the hard work, as you will see in the video above!