We have all witness Cristiano Ronaldo taking free-kicks for the past decade and a little more. Those jaw-dropping free-kicks are the reason why he became such a dead-ball specialist and he has carried on with it and eventually transformed into (arguably) the best footballer in the world. 

Ronaldo seemed to have passed on his legacy to his son Cristiano Junior, who travels with his daddy most of the time to witness his father play for Real Madrid. The Real Madrid superstar forward has posted a video on his social media handles that will make you go - what????!!! 

This video shows Cristiano Junior has been fouled and he gets up to take a free-kick and scores as well. This is not the stunning part - it comes when he gets up and strikes a pose like his father does before taking a free-kick. From the stance, to the execution to a perfect goal - everything was eerily similar. Ronaldo seemed to have nurtured his boy just the way he wanted.

Check out the jaw-dropping video here: