1. Tony Greig (England):

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Source: Critiquing Cricket

Despite battling epileptic attacks for most of his life, Greig was a handy cricketer. An energetic fielder, and an effective bowler.


2. Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi (India):

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Source: cricketcountry.com

Mansur lost one eye in an accident before his debut in cricket, and this tiger had trouble sighting the ball initially. But, practised well to get the ball in the middle of the bat.


3. Wasim Akram (Pakistan):

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Source: CricketCountry.com

Wasim Akram is suffering from high blood sugar since 1997. But that did not stop him from finishing with 916 international wickets. He was the first cricketer to break the 500 barriers in ODIs.


4. Bob Appleyard (England):


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Source: Boundary Books

This ferocious county cricketer from England, constantly battled tuberculosis his whole life. But nobody would imagine this when you see the way he is performing.


5. Bhagwath Chandrasekhar (India):

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Source: CricketCountry

BS Chandrashekar was struck by polio in his hand during his early age. It did not stop him from becoming a deadly bowler for India. In fact, because of his unique action, the batsmen have no clue how the ball would be delivered.


6.  Len Hutton (England):

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Source: PlanetCricket

Hutton was diagnosed with a condition called Asymmetrical Arms, which means having two arms of different length. But that did not stop him, he was able to adjust his grip and went on to become a productive scorer.