Bruhat Bengaluru Mahangara Palike (BBMP), which is planning to include major properties like malls and tech parks under its resurvey project, received its share of ₹ 19 crore after Wipro was directed by a court to pay the due amount.


MK Gunashekhar, Standing Committee Chairperson, Tax and Finance Committee of BBMP said that the company had some issues with the tax amount to be paid and approached the court. The court has ordered to pay the amount first and then they will look into the matter.


"As a result, Raghunandan, an official from Wipro, handed over a cheque worth ₹ 18,91,26,435. Wipro was suppose to pay ₹ 21 crore as property tax, due to some variation in amount, the BBMP asked them to pay ₹ 19 crore first, “said Gunashekhar.


He also said that the BBMP, which has ordered for a total station survey on over 70 properties suspecting the owners have declared less value to avoid taxes, will be brought to book. As per the estimation, ₹ 231 crore extra will come to BBMP’s account.


He also said that he has warned the banks for not cooperating with BBMP.


The tax payers are facing hurdles when they go to bank. Hence, we will make arrangement with banks to come to the zonal office to facilitate the tax payers.


"If the banks harass tax payers, we will withdraw our amount and close our accounts with them and will look for other banks," said Gunashekhar.