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Telangana: Congress' Aruna resigns for Gadwal district

  • DK Aruna represents Gadwal in Mahabubnagar district.
  • She has been demanding district status for Gadwal.
  • Aruna has chosen resignation as a last resort to intensify her fight.
Telangana Congress Aruna resigns for Gadwal district

DK Aruna represents Gadwal in Mahabubnagar district in the Telangana state Assembly. She is one of the few Congress MLAs who successfully weathered the 'pink' TRS wave in 2014 to retain her seat.

She has been demanding district status for Gadwal, which is one of the biggest second-rung cities in Telangana. The capital of the erstwhile 'Zamindari Samsthan', Gadwal is known for its handloom sarees. The town is a railway junction on the banks of Krishna River.


But, in the recent reorganisation of districts, Gadwal did not find a place. This has led to the resentment in the area. The town has been simmering with anger over the denial. 


After Sircilla and Jangaon, Gadwal has become the third ‘disturbed area’ in Telangana because of the ongoing agitation for district status.

Instead of submitting her resignation to Speaker of the House Madhusudanachary, she instead dispatched it to Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) and asked him to forward it to the Speaker after creating Gadwal district. She said her decision was to counter TRS propaganda, which claimed that as long as Aruna sat in the Assembly, the new district would not become a reality. 

Aruna dashed off her resignation letter to CM KCR on Saturday to demonstrate her willingness to quit the Assembly if her presence was really a stumbling block for the creation of Gadwal district. 

"Many important TRS leaders are stating that Gadwal district will be created the moment DK Aruna resigns from the Assembly. If, as Chief Minister, you really believe that I am the stumbling block to the creation of the new Jogulamba (Gadwal) district, for the sake of my people of this nadi gadda (central region), I do not hesitate to resign from the Assembly. 

The people's aspirations are more important to me than the office I hold. So, I request you to forward the resignation letter to the Speaker the moment you announce the creation of the new district," she said in the letter.

DK Aruna comes from one of the strongest Reddy families in the district with a hold on many economic activities, including liquor business. There has been intense hostility between KCR and Aruna, with its roots in a caste-based political rivalry.

The fact that the TRS could not wrest the seat from Aruna also intensified the hostility between the two leaders.

The belief among all political parties is that Gadwal has been denied a district status purely for political reasons. An all-party Joint Action Committee has been floated in the constituency to fight for the district.

Speaking to the media, Aruna said new districts had been carved out with a political bias. "About 13,000 objections have been raised against the creation of Vanaparthy district, also in Mahabubnagar district. Still, Vanaparthy has been made a district. Even though all political parties support it, Gadwal was denied a district status," she said and added that new districts had been created against the wishes of the local people.

A month ago, The state government notified 17 new districts and sought any public objections. After the completion of the process before Dasara, the final list will be announced. The number of districts in the state will go up to 27 from the present 10.


All the new districts are coming into existence from Dasara, and the CM himself is overseeing arrangements for the launch of the districts.


So, Aruna has chosen resignation as a last resort to intensify her fight for Gadwal district. 

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