Republican candidate Donald Trump's win surely made an impact as the whole world had something or the other to say. People went into shock, protested, and many are still dazed not knowing how this happened and what to expect next. 


In India too people have a mixed reaction to the recent US presidential election results, but there is one self-proclaimed Trump fan who is celebrating the win in a special way. 


In Chennai, a restaurant named Suprabaa owned by C P Mukund Das has added a special 'White Dosa' dubbed as 'Trump Dosa' to pay tribute to the 45th US President. Das is a self-proclaimed fan who loves Trump because of his speeches and also the facial expression. 


The restaurant located at Valluvar Salai in Ramapuram has put a banner outside advertising the 'White Dosa' priced at ₹50. This dosa is served with a cup of butter and is a hot favorite among diners at present. 


Suprabaa is a decade-old chain of the restaurant having six branches across Chennai. Though this gesture was criticised initially, but Das has no intention of discontinuing the hot selling 'Trump Dosa'.