The state Crime Branch has found that an organ trafficking mafia with international links was behind taking Malayalee youth to Sri Lanka and harvesting his kidney without his knowledge three years ago. The state government has recommended CBI probe into the case. 


A young man from Kodungallur in Thrissur was taken to Sri Lanka by on the pretext of a job abroad. In Sri Lanka, he was taken to a hospital in the name of medical check up but ended up losing one of his kidneys.  


The fraudsters had collected Rs 1 lakh from the youth for the expenses of job visa. He was first asked to report at Chennai where he was taken to Vijaya Hospital for medical check-up and later at Navloka Hospital in Colombo. At the hospital in Colombo, his left kidney was removed under the pretext of medical examination, the FIR stated. Kerala Police registered a case against nine persons including Sri Lankan nationals three years back and found that the kidney racket had deeper international links. '


"As the major portion of the crime was committed in Sri Lanka and some of the accused are Sri Lankan citizens, (it is) better to endorse the investigation of this case to a central agency to avoid delay in the collection of evidence,"  State DGP Loknath Behra said in his report to the state government. 


The CBI has not responded to the letter sent on 10 February by the state government requesting it to take up the investigation. If the CBI does not respond favourably, the Crime Branch will collect more evidence in the case and would send another letter to the central government, the DGP said.


The Crime Branch is seriously considering the reports that kidney and organ transplant rackets have become active in the state. A special team of the Crime Branch is after the suspected people involved and will crackdown on the mafia once it gets a clear tip-off, the state police chief told Asianet News.