The very first speech of Jayalalithaa had surprised AIADMK party leaders as well as people. As days passed, people, who considered just as a star started accepting her as a leader. She put her genuine effort in making sure that she did her work with all passion. Soon, she was looked up by the party leaders and she was given important tasks of the party to be accomplished. Meanwhile, party leaders were cautioning MGR to beware of Jaya’s growing power in the party. But MGR chose to neglect it.


Her knowledge of English and Hindi was an added advantage. So, then Chief Minister MGR decided to send Jayalalithaa for an important task- to speak to Congress leader and former PM, Indira Gandhi. He wanted Jayalalithaa to convince Indira Gandhi to break their alliance with DMK and to join hands with AIADMK.


Thus, Jayalalithaa was nominated as the Rajya Sabha MP. She swept Indira Gandhi and other national leaders off their feet with her first speech in the Upper House. This made it easy for Jayalalithaa to approach Indira Gandhi. She was allotted 10 minutes time by PM Gandhi. But Jaya’s charm was such that they had a 30-minute long meeting. Indira Gandhi had even sent leader Moopanar from her Cabinet to speak further regarding the alliance.


All this happened and Jayalalithaa had not bothered to inform MGR about it. It looked like she wanted to accomplish the task independently. But when MGR came to know regarding this, even he might have felt threatened. As per Jaya’s plan she wanted to speak about whatever happened in Delhi to MGR when she met him personally.


But much before this, MGR had got the news about the developments and did not like Jayalalithaa taking her own decision and time. He immediately called an emergency meeting of the party and removed Jayalalithaa from the post of propaganda secretary.