Before November 8, 2016, the sex workers who are frequently seen around Majestic area were luring the customer in their own way. But now they have dropped such impulsive behaviour and are pragmatically asking “Do you have ₹ 100 notes?”


The demonetisation of ₹ 500 and ₹ 1000 currency has badly affected the business of Bengaluru sex workers.


Earlier they were pursuing for more amount of money but now they are compromising with the big amount, going with the customers for lesser price and giving priority to ₹ 100 notes.


They are not entertaining customers with old currencies. Even the regular customers are not coming to them since last week. Though they get ₹ 100 currencies and new currency of ₹ 2000 denomination they are not ready to spend them on sex workers as they are also facing the scarcity of the currency notes.


A sex worker at Majestic area shared her problems “Some customers demand the sex workers to stay with them the whole day and offer three to five thousand rupees. In such situation, we have to accept the old currency from them”.


The sex workers said that many customers deceive them saying that they have plenty of ₹ 100 currencies and take them along with them. But at the end of the day they disappoint them offering old currency notes.


A sex worker expressed her glad saying that because of the demonetisation even the police are not approaching them and refusing to take old currency from them.


These are the problems of the road side sex workers. However, organised sex rackets are not facing any problem as their transaction is cashless. The customers pay the pimps of the racket through online.