Demonetisation has now made its impact on the prostitution business in Bengaluru. Parappana Agrahara Police raided a house in electronic city, where some miscreants were running a prostitution ring. In the raid, police have seized swipe machine and credit/debit cards as well.


These miscreants may or may not adhere to the law of the country but they have promptly adhered to the call of the Prime Minister – cashless transaction.


This ring was operating from Anandareddy Layout in the Electronic City area. They used to lure the girls of West Bengal, telling that they are going to find jobs for them in Bengaluru and forcing them to engage in illegal prostitution activities. The police have arrested Nayeem and Alka Singh, who were running the illegal activity and have also managed to protect two girls from West Bengal.


In the raid the police have seized ₹ 3,000, debit/credit swipe machine, 5 mobile phones and a two wheeler. The police stated that Nayeem was using the bike to bring customers to the house.