With the dispute over Cauvery water threatening to seriously disturb the peace in the state, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has now reached out to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene in the matter by holding a meeting of all chief ministers of the southern states.


In the two-page letter to PM Modi, Siddaramaiah said that the decision to release 15,000 cusecs of water to Tamil Nadu every day as per the Supreme Court directive has created "unrest" in the state.


"The unrest if continued will not only have a serious impact on the economy of the state, particularly the IT economy, which brings enormous revenue and foreign exchange to the state," Karnataka CM said in the letter.


Siddaramaiah also emphasised that the releasing of water will leave Karnataka is a bad position.


"If we continue to release water from the dam, it will completely deprive Bengaluru of drinking water and farmers in Cauvery basin. The present storage in Mettur dam in Tamil Nadu and the north-east rainfall received in that state would be more than sufficient to meet the requirement of the Samba rice crop," he said.


The CM has requested the PM to convene the meeting of all the CMs of south states on a priority basis to resolve the issue amicably.


It should be noted that this is not the first time that the Karnataka Chief Minister has written to PM Modi. So far, Siddaramaiah has shot off a total of seven letters to Modi, but the PMO office is yet to respond to any of them.


Read the full text of the letter:

"Permit me to invite your immediate attention to the stark facts already in the public arena about extreme unrest in the Cauvery basin especially in Bangalore city protesting against the interim order for the release of 15,000 cusecs of Cauvery water at the inter State border, Biligundulu, which, if continue, would completely deprive the drinking water not only to the residents of Bangalore City but also to the farmers of the Cauvery basin and water for the only crop they grow. However, the present storage in Mettur reservoir in Tamil Nadu and the North-east rainfall received in Tamil Nadu would be more than sufficient to meet the requirement of water for the Samba rice crop just being or still to be sown by the farmers in Tamil Nadu.


"At an all-party meeting held on 6th September, 2016, to elicit the views of political parties the view of the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the State was that the order of the Supreme Court of India ought not to be implemented. However, as constitutional Chief Executive of the State I have taken it upon myself to obey the orders of the Hon'ble Supreme Court and the waters are being released as per the order which has created more unrest and disquiet in the State. The unrest if continued will not only have a serious impact on the economy of the State particularly the IT economy which brings enormous revenue and foreign exchange to the country but will also impact the livelihood of the common man adversely in the large parts of the state.


"By this communication I earnestly request you not only as Prime Minister, but as Head of the entire Federal system, to call a meeting of the chief ministers of the States (forthwith on a few hours Notice) to resolve the impasse I invited attention to a precedent of December 1995 where under similar circumstances of deficit flows the Hon'ble Supreme Court by order dated 28th September, 1995, requested the Prime Minister to resolve the issue of implementation of the order of the Supreme Court; which was then duly done to the satisfaction of all parties.


"Awaiting your favourable response urgently, by telephone, fax or email."