Deepa had earlier in an interview to Asianet Newsable had said that if people demand, she will join politics. Now, on the day of MGR’s 100th birth anniversary, she has announced that she will soon start her political career. But a major announcement will be made in this regard on the birth anniversary of Jayalalithaa on February 24, she added.



However, it is not sure if she will join the AIADMK or form her own party. Another far-fetched option is that if she faces much resentment from the party. Deepa, speaking to the media had said "This is a beginning of the new journey in my life. I plan to start my political journey at an appropriate time,” and she went on to say that she will make the big announcement on February 24.


When asked about her chances of joining AIADMK, she said, she will take a decision on this after consulting the party leaders. Deepa was confident that people want her more than they want Sasikala to take Amma’s place. “I cannot accept Sasikala in Amma’s place.”


Deepa also reacted to the news that AIADMK chief Sasikala’s husband Natarajan’s statement and rubbished the allegations that Jayalalithaa was working on the ideas of Sasikala, Natarajan and their family. It looks like she is all geared up to take on Sasikala and her strong family. But the question remains can she beat the Mannargudi gang?


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Deepa was never discussed in the political sector of Tamil Nadu. But Jayalalithaa was mostly accepted because of sympathy of the people as she was ill-treated by MGR’s family after his death. However, Sasikala too was made to sit on Jayalalithaa’s chair as the AIADMK chief on sympathy basis, as she was her soul mate for over 30 years.


Now, can Deepa also get support based on the same theory? Will Sasikala and her Mannargudi family allow this to be a great momentum for her? Yes, many leaders are not happy with Sasikala’s working in the party. MLA Munusamy had openly expressed his anger on sidelining the senior leaders of the party and interference of her family in party matters.


Going by the reputation of Sasikala and her family, who did not even allow Deepa or anyone else for that matter to see Jayalalithaa when she was in the hospital, it is not an easy task to take them on. Even if Deepa decides to go against Sasikala, how many AIADMK leaders will come forward to support her against their party chief?


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The AIADMK and DMK have been the only two parties contesting in Tamil Nadu for over four decades now. Even national parties BJP and Congress have failed miserably in making any impact in the state. Thus, how will Deepa make her political career is still a question?