Bangalore Development Minister Mr. K J George made some dramatic announcements on March 2 and one among them was the scrapping of the controversial Steel Flyover. That, it was after a diary expose which threatened to topple the Congress Siddaramaiah government that they decided to cave has been read between the lines.


An admitted shame for the present Karnataka government to go back on their project, it was the people’s perseverance that won in the end. It prevented 800 trees from being cut and wastage of Rs 1,791 crore.


A movement that began on October 2016 has finished in this spectacular manner.


When Jallikattu happened, every one made examples of Chennai, today Bengaluru citizens can be proud of having saved their city. Now the only hope is that this will to participate in the development of the city continues. The city still has three issues to grapple with – Lakes, Traffic and Garbage.


The lakes are full of sewerage and traffic is haywire thanks to imporper city planning and waste disposal is a mess. Imagine if steel can melt in front of the dogged determination of a city, Bengaluru will in no time be able to handle the other issues as well and show the government how things are to be done the correct way without cutting trees or making the city a dumping ground.


Little did the Karnataka government expect that a motley crowd who they thought could be managed, would bring about a revolution. Probably still licking their wounds, the government knows that if it needs to stay in power it needs to give in certain payoffs (not the Rs 65 crore kind).


Funnily enough it was the drama which enfolded yesterday that makes for a few good laughs at the end of the matter. According to a report in the New Indian Express, minister KJ George blamed the people,BJP for bringing a bad name to the city and how investors were backing out because of scrapping this project.


Now who will look after the traffic stretch from Hebbal to the airport? Do the people have an answer to that? We are sure we will.