The resignation of SM Krishna seems to have sent shockwaves through the Karnataka Congress. Especially hit are senior leaders, many of whom were groomed and patronized by SM Krishna in the early days of their career.


But is this shock going to translate into resignations? The Karnataka Congress may have to brace up as some leaders have been giving ominous hints.


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Prakash Hukkeri, the MP of the Chikkodi constituency, spoke to the media at his residence in Chikkodi and expressed his displeasure towards the party for forcing SM Krishna's decision.


Hukkeri said the Congress was disregarding senior leaders of the state. He initially warned that he was also going to follow the path of SM Krishna if the party didn't change its attitude. However, at a later time, he quickly clarified that he did not mean he was quitting right away, but merely expressing his feels.


Though Hukkeri has not announced any decisions about his political future, he also hinted that he was travelling to Bengaluru in the coming days to meet SM Krishna. He expressed his gratitude towards SM Krishna for supporting him in his political career.


Another senior Congress leader, Jafar Sharif, also expressed his displeasure towards the Congress for not taking senior leaders into confidence or heeding their suggestions. He said that he is not certain whether he is going to remain in the party or not in the coming elections.


“I don’t seek any power or position from the party. They should treat us respectfully, that is enough. We have become old but we are still open to the affairs of the world around us,”

Sharif also passed a possibly incendiary comment about CM Siddaramiah’s government, stating that this was not a Congress government but a government only for the Kuruba community.


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Not all were in support of SM Krishna though. Another senior leader, and former MP, G Made Gowda, criticized the decision of SM Krishna. He has also written a letter to Krishna, urging him to reconsider. In the letter, he stated said that the resignation was a betrayal of the party.


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Interestingly, after these strong words, Made Gowda went on to suggest Krishna to form a new party based on the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi. He assured SM Krishna that should he form such a party, he would resign from the Congress and join hands with him to build an alternative political faction. 


Recently, in an election campaign in Punjab, PM Narendra Modi had compared the Congress to a sinking ship. Now the travellers of that ship seem to be trying to confirm the prediction of Modi, by de-boarding, one by one, from the party.