Bengaluru: A 47-year-old businessman Ajay Katavakar stepped into the lift without realising that there was no cabin. He fell and was immediately rushed to the hospital where he died of excessive bleeding.

The police said Ajay Katavakar was the owner of a sewing machine shop and had gone to Sparkle Fashion shop on Magadi Road to buy a second-hand sewing machine. After buying the machine, he pressed the lift button and as the doors opened he did not realise that there was no cabin. He stepped in and went done crashing on the roof of the lift cabin which was stuck in the second floor.

Gopalakrishna and Ashok, who had accompanied him, were on the first floor when they heard the sound of someone falling. When they realised what had happened, they forced open the doors of the lift with the help of other showroom employees to rescue Katavakar, after which he was rushed to the hospital where he died of excessive bleeding.

The deceased wife has filed a complaint against Sparkle Fashions and based on the compliant, the police have registered a case of death owing to negligence .

The police also said that they have not arrested anyone as the Sparkle Fashion showroom had closed shutters soon after the incident, but they have sent a notice to the management of the company to appear for questioning.