Bengaluru: A debt-ridden man hanged his 12-year-old son to a ceiling fan and forced his wife to end her life. After his son and wife died, Babu had second thoughts and called off the plan. The incident took place early Sunday in Bengaluru. 

The incident occurred in Vibhutipura in HAL police station limits, Bengaluru. Babu made the crime look like his wife Geetha Bai had hanged his son and later ended her life.  Suresh informed police about the incident and blamed his deceased wife. But police became suspicious on hearing different versions from Suresh and his daughter. Then the police again questioned Suresh's daughter who revealed that Suresh had planned the family suicide over a financial row.

But his 17-year-old daughter confessed to the police that it was Babu who hanged her brother and forced her mother to kill herself. She even produced footage she had recorded on her mobile phone. The HAL police arrested Babu for murder and abetment to suicide and further investigations are on.

It is reported that Babu and Geetha had borrowed money from private lenders and were also running a chit fund, which suffered huge losses. When investors and money lenders began to harass the couple, the duo thought of family suicide.

In a similar incident a debt-ridden businessman, living in upmarket Judges Bungalow area of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, shot dead his wife and two daughters while they were sleeping.