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Shocking: Baby girl electrocuted from mobile phone charger

  • The baby was playing with the mobile phone while mother was sleeping nearby
  • Mother found that the tot was not breathing and had no pulse
  • A picture of the scorched limbs of the infant is going viral
aby girl electrocuted from mobile phone charger

Your smartphone may really give your a lethal electric shock. In a horrific incident in Kazakhstan a baby girl got killed after she was electrocuted while playing with the mobile phone which was on charge. 

A picture of the scorched limbs of the infant, shared by the nursing staff is going viral on social media. The picture comes with a warning against using mobile phones while charging. 

The incident happened at Aktau in Kazakhstan. The tot was playing by her mother. The mobile phone was kept for charging and her mother sleeping nearby. It is believed that the cord of the mobile phone became exposed and unaware of the danger, the baby chewed it and was electrocuted. 

The mother became aware of the incident only when she woke up later as the little girl was not making any noise. Within seconds she knew something terrible has happened as the baby was not breathing and had no pulse. 

The mother then wrapped the child in a blanket and rushed her to the hospital. The hospital authorities confirmed that the child had died from electrocution before she was brought to the hospital. There were clear burn marks on her hand and arm. 

Several such incidents were reported earlier from different parts of the world. Recently in Moscow, a 14-year-old died after she tried to charge her phone while taking a bath. Another incident was reported from Liuzhou in China where a boy died from electric shock while he was playing with his mobile phone which was kept for recharging.

Similar incidents were reported from India as well. In June, an 11-year-old boy from Kanpur, India, was electrocuted while charging a mobile phone. 

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