Start-ups in India have gradually become a desirable and prefer employment option for many young and mid level professionals. Opportunity to work on an innovative idea, creative liberty, casual work atmosphere, handsome pay and endless possibility are some of the reasons why professionals are now more inclined towards start-ups now. 


However, to work in a start-up a certain mindset is required and not everyone can easily get recruited by the start-ups. Apart from skill set, there are certain individual qualities that are much required to get a job in a start-up and to stick to the job.


Here are 5 qualities that can help you get a job in a start-up.


Attitude: The right attitude is as important as the skill set. Maturity, stability, patience and willingness to go out of the way to make things work are some of the qualities that are required in a start-up. Not every idea or experiment works but that should not be the reason to not try. Also, start up is a group of people coming together to make an idea work so patience is much needed.


Willingness to learn and adopt: More than anything start-ups are a learning experience and capability to adopt different conditions is a must. The initial job description or KRA may change from time to time which requires willingness to learn and adopt.


Sense of ownership: The often complicated structure of corporate makes it difficult for the employees to feel the sense of ownership. But, in a start-up, the sense of ownership is a must to maximise efforts and results. 


Cultural integration: Every start-up company has its own culture of working and functioning. It is important to understand the culture to be a part of the team and work for its success. 


Accepting failure: Failure is a part of life but professional setback is not an easy experience to deal with. However, start-ups are about taking calculative risks and experimenting with various aspects of running a business. Some risks may have good reward and some experiments may succeed, but some failure is also an inevitable part of it. It is important to learn and more on.