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    NEWS23, Jan 2019, 7:41 PM

    Chumbak to Freshmenu: Five women entrepreneurs who made Bengaluru proud

    Meet the five women, who launched their start-ups that grew to become household names in Bengaluru.

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    19, Apr 2017, 11:45 AM

    5 must-have qualities to be perfect candidate for start-up jobs

    To work in a start-up a certain mindset is required and not everyone can easily get recruited by the start-ups. Apart from skill set, there are certain individual qualities that are much required to get a job in a start-up and to stick to the job.

  • IBO water purifier

    10, Feb 2017, 10:11 AM

    Kerala students' startup develops smart purifying water bottle

    The stylish bottle, which could be controlled using a mobile app, will remind you to drink water at regular intervals too. 

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    15, Dec 2016, 12:16 PM

    10 famous startups based in Bengaluru

    India has emerged as the most preferred technological centre for innovation in Asia in a study conducted by Capgemini. Needless to say Bengaluru leads the start up brigade in the country and the list keeps on growing. Here are some of the famous companies which have their roots in Namma Bengaluru


    Image credit: Facebook

  • nilekani startup

    26, Sep 2016, 11:28 AM

    Nilekani bats for Indian start-ups

    As Indian start-ups especially Indian e-commerce firms are grappling with their worst financial crisis ever, Nandan Nilekani,  Infosys co-founder says Indian start-ups have entered an exciting phase

  • kashyap deorah

    10, Sep 2016, 10:48 AM

    Kashyap Deorah Interview: Indian e-commerce is on a 'suicide mission'

    After Kishore Biyani rubbished the viability of Indian start-ups, Asianet Newsable caught up with Kashyap Deorah. An old Biyani-hand and serial entrepreneur, he says that Indian e-commerce firms are on a 'suicide mission.'

  • Kishore Biyani1

    8, Sep 2016, 3:14 AM

    Kishore Biyani: Start-ups are sexy but hopeless

    Hitting them where it hurts the most, Kishore Biyani, CEO, Future group has said that Indian start-ups are 'hopeless' and have been made to look 'sexy' only because of advertisements

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    2, Sep 2016, 5:27 AM

    Reliance Jio to fund start-ups, sets aside Rs 5,000 crore

    Mukesh Ambani said that Reliance Jio has set up a Rs 5,000 crore venture capital fund to build platforms for young Indians who want to create start-ups of the future

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    31, Aug 2016, 2:39 AM

    Alibaba goes for the jugular as Indian e-commerce flounders

    Striking while the iron is hot, Alibaba, the world's largest retailer, is aggressively establishing its presence in India. It's hiring on a war-footing at a time when its local competitors are laying off employees en masse 

  • startup super hero2 byju

    27, Aug 2016, 11:41 AM

    Byju Raveendran: Start-up superhero breaks the bank again

    Education technology start-up Byju is all set to raise a cool $50 million, right after it raised $75 million from marquee investors Sequoia and Sofina in March this year. Asianet Newsable takes a look at why this young company is such a darling of investors, especially at a time they are cracking the whip hard on other Indian start-ups and demanding returns  

  • IIT

    26, Aug 2016, 5:21 AM

    28 start-ups blacklisted by IITs this year

    The Indian Institute of Technology has blacklisted 31 companies, mostly start-ups, for revoking job offers and delaying joining dates.

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    20, Aug 2016, 4:45 AM

    Joining an Indian startup? You may be fired at any time!

    Mass firings are the order of the day in the start-up sector as companies have begun militantly cutting costs and disposing of non-core assets. Be afraid, for the lack of job security is here to stay in the start-up space

  • Startup

    26, Jul 2016, 3:26 PM

    Good times ahead for start-ups in Karnataka

    The Karnataka government has kickstarted ‘Startup Karnataka Booster Kit’ to boost start-ups in the state

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    24, Jul 2016, 12:36 PM

    Government reduces red tape to incentivIse start-ups

    In a bid to reduce bureaucratic red tape, the government has eased the norms under which start-ups can seek benefits according to the Startup India Action Plan

  • kris gopalakrishnan

    20, Jul 2016, 8:03 AM

    70% of start-ups will fail, says Kris Gopalakrishnan

    Landing a body-blow to the Indian start-up sector which is already suffering from an acute fund crisis, Infosys co-founder Kris Gopalakrishnan has said that 70% of start-ups will fail globally