In a bizarre incident, a woman was left with a broken thumb and bruises after a fight broke out over a selfie. The three women were attending a friend's wedding later that night and had therefore come to the salon to get their makeup done. They were so happy with the outcome that they decided to take a selfie then and there. But, unknowingly, they had also captured a GCC national woman in the picture.

Having realised that, the woman asked them to delete the picture, but they refused to do so. This was followed by an argument, which gradually turned into a brawl. This left the GCC national with a fractured thumb in her right hand, apart from minor cuts and bruises on her body.

Unable to handle the situation, the owner of the salon called the police and the injured woman was transferred to Al Qasimi Hospital for treatment. According to a law in the Dubai, taking a photograph of someone without their permission is  a crime. According to the Federal Law No 5 for 2012, the person found guilty could be jailed for a period of six months and fined between Dh150,000 and Dh500,000, or both.

According to article no 42, expats can also be deported. The law further states, "That who commits an act which breaches the privacy of other people’s lives by listening to a conversation, recording or sharing a clip, or taking a picture of a person without their consent, faces jail or a fine."