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4 things you should not ask your girlfriend

Relationships can be tricky. If you want to have a good and healthy relationship, make sure to never ask or discuss these four things with your girlfriend. And girls, we suggest you do the same with your boys too.

4 things you should not ask your girlfriend drb
Mumbai, First Published Jul 15, 2022, 11:40 AM IST

If you have recently got yourself in a relationship and are unsure about the dos and don’ts of it, then this article is right for you. For all the young men who have stepped fresh into a relationship, it is not necessary that you may know everything about your partner. You will always be intrigued to know more and more about your partner, and in that pursuit, you may also land yourself in trouble by asking the wrong questions that may put off your girl.

So, to make sure that you don’t ask things your partner may not like or gives them an impression of you intruding into their private space – remember, private space is very essential in a relationship, here are four things you should never ask your girl.

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Never discuss her past relationships: Your girlfriend will never hide her past from you. But when she does, respect what she says and don’t always keep going back to her ex. Constantly talking about or bringing her past back will leave her irritated and would lead to troubles in your relationship.

Respect her friends: Whether you like your girlfriend’s friends or not, you must never forget that she has chosen them and she loves them equally. Questioning her friendship, especially with her male friends is a big no-no. You need to have trust in your partner. Constant questioning or doubting can lead to conflicts.

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Her passwords: Whether is it her phone’s password or the ones to her social media accounts, never ever ask your girl about her passwords, unless she decides to give them to you on her own. Remember, by asking about it, you will be encroaching on her private space and that is something that will definitely put her off. The same goes for females also – don’t ask your boyfriend for his passwords!

Keep money discussions aside: Asking your significant other about how much money they make, is so not cool. This should be a norm in every relationship for both partners. When you start asking a lot about money, it leaves the impression of you being greedy or being interested only in monetary factors. Therefore, it is best you don’t discuss money.

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