Every relationship comes with certain truths and some secrets. The ideal relationship is one in which both parties are very honest with each other but that rarely happens. Men may think that their girlfriends are quite open, in fact, studies prove that women are quite expressive and their face says it all. However, there are some secrets women will never reveal to their boyfriends. Here is our handy guide to what truths men will never hear from their girlfriends, no matter how hard they try to wrest it out of them.

1. Your girlfriend already imagined you as her partner long before you even made a move.

She will never accept it and act as if falling in love with you came as a surprise to her.

2. She knows everything about you after spending hours on your social media account.

She probably knows what your best friend from seventh standard is doing right now.

3. She compares you to her ex-boyfriends even if its in a harmless way.

And if she's with you it means that you're much better than the ex. 

4. If she's going to break up with you, all her friends will know about it before you do.

Women always seek the comfort and solace of their best friends before a disaster is about to take place.

5. She fights with you because she's being ignored.

Men are not the best when it comes to being present and attentive in a relationship and women are unconsciously angry because of it.

6. She wants you to offer to pay the bill on your first date.

She will never let you pay the bill but all she wants is an acknowledgement that it was a special evening for you.

7. She makes a mental note of how often or not you call her.

Your girlfriend may act cool and nonchalant about your busy life but she always appreciates those texts and calls in the middle of the day. 

8. She will never tell what she thinks of your friends.

Because no one can ever be good enough for you. 

9. She is a little jealous and insecure of your ex.

Everyone's got a past but she still wants to know how far you've moved on from your past relationships.

10. She will never tell you which physical trait is her favourite.

She may find your hands as a thing of beauty but she will never reveal it.