Nutrition Coach Ryan’s stash of Olympic secrets is out. We got a fruit whose rind does the job of fat burning.

So what do you need?

A watermelon and a fruit peeler. Peel the green skin off that watermelon

You should have one nice round whitish green bald watermelon. This writer's cook thought she was extremely miserly when he saw her peel the skin. Little did he know that she wanted the white off the watermelon. The white contains this geeky scientific stuff called citrulline malate!

Why should it matter to you?

Because this citrulline loves to burn fat! Well, you do need to also limit the calories in your intake and then add the watermelon magic to your life. Do a bowl. You can salt it up or you can juice it up. Either way, during the day its perfect for hydration.

Can you do it everyday?

Yes. Its zero fat and has about 10 per cent of your requirement of Vitamin C & Vitamin A everyday. Have one glass of watermelon or a bowl of it for the next 6 weeks and you will see that your skin glows. It’s got lycopene red pigment that makes your skin sing.

It has Lycopene, the antioxidant needed for kids

Well, it helps in boosting the growth hormone. It’s a height booster. Your body has 60 per cent  water and so you need a fruit that has high water content, so make watermelon your best friend. Eat healthy, move those muscles, cool them down. #GetHealthy.

Ryan Fernando is an award winning sports nutritionist based in Bengaluru.

This article appeared in Indigo XP, a concern of Asianet News Media and Entertainment Pvt Ltd.