Move over boring breakfast menus. There’s a new breakfast recipe that’s gone viral and it’s called...wait for it, cloud eggs. Like the name suggests, this dish will make you feel like you have a cloud on your plate. Of course, this fluffy cloud is tinged with wisps of brown which comforts a perfectly round yolk. It’s a bit like how the landscape looks in the mornings.

No one knows where the dish has originated from but all we know is this, it is Instagram that’s made it popular. This dish has emerged from the internet and in fact, was famous among redditors before it moved onto the picture sharing space.

Perhaps the yummiest aspect of this dish is the texture of the egg whites which have to be baked. These fluffy clouds gain the texture of mashed potatoes and compliment the crunch of perfectly toasted bread.  

If you’re wondering how to make this dish, then all you need is an oven, egg whites, an electric whisk and a bit of salt or cream of tartar.

Here’s an easy recipe for cloud eggs

Separate eggs and add the egg whites in a bowl.

Sprinkle a bit of salt or cream of tartar and whisk it with an electric blender. Continue this process until you get stiff peaks.

 Add this into moulds, make a deep well and bake it at 180 degrees celsius for 2-3 minutes.

After this, place the egg yolk and bake it again for 3-4 minutes.

You could season it with salt and pepper once it’s out or if you want to experiment, then go ahead and add cheese, ham, chives or any other herb of your choice.  

Here are just some pictures of how beautiful a dish of cloud eggs look: