This 18-carat teapot has made its way to the Guinness records as being the most valuable teapot.  

Aptly called “The Egoist”,  this teapot  is “1,658 brilliant-cut diamonds and 386 round brilliant-cut rubies shine and catch the light in a dazzling example of true artistry. The crowning glory is a centrepiece in the form of a superb Thai ruby framed in the shape of a sun. The lid features natural ruby beading and the handle is made of rare mammoth ivory,” according to the Chitra Foundation.


The inside of the teapot is  “has a base of 18k yellow gold and parts of gold-plated genuine silver,” according to


This bejewelled beauty was designed and created by Nirmal Sethia – a philanthrophist and businessman. The teapot was commissioned to an Italian jeweller called Fulvio Scavia. 


Is it any wonder that this teapot is valued at a mere $3 million?


Sethia on the purpose behind this exquisite teapot, in an report, said,I designed the Egoist teapot to raise awareness globally of the historic and cultural importance of tea, a magical refreshment that has lasted over a millennium and is a part of the fabric of civilisations from the Tang Dynasty to the modern era.”


This teapot is now part of the Chitra foundation, named after his late wife.


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