You read that right! The law can catch up with you at any time – even when you are being born. At least that is what happened in the American Fork Hospital a few days ago.

Kaylee Bays, working at the Fourth district court was due for birth in the next two weeks, however, her contractions started early. The baby was in no mood to come out creating a lot of fuss and generally making the mother largely anxious and uncomfortable. So she went back to work and a little under the nerves, the tired mother asked Judge Lynn Davis to sign an eviction notice.

A surprised judge Davis, who never in his 31 year-career had been asked to do this, complied and gave official notice. And seems like the notice worked! The eviction notice talks of the baby being an unlawful detainer in a rented place namely -Mommy Belly Lane, Womb in Utah. It talks of the baby being asked to vacate the premises since Mommy was running out of room for her.

12 hours after receiving the court orders to evict her mother’s womb, baby Gretsel was born. Proud and delighted mother Kaylee jokes: She did not want to be held in contempt of court.