It is always said that travelling gives you rebirth. It's a fact as travelling is often a reminder, a discovery and a realisation.

Everyone likes to travel. Often what dissuades one from considering travelling to a far off land is the lack of money. A lot of people try to make do with reading travelogues and visualising those places. Reading, of course, is a very good habit but what if you can go to places with your limited budget?

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Often the main obstacle is our ignorance regarding places where you can go with our limited resources. Don't worry, here is the remedy to your problem. We will let you in on the details about places you can visit in a pocket-friendly manner, when and how etc.

Most people should have heard of Thailand, and almost all of us have heard of Bangkok for sure. It is a place where most people of India, and especially Kerala, can visit on a limited budget. Malayalees have a lot of things to watch and learn from Thais.

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Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. Some Indians seem embarrassed on hearing of a visit to Bangkok, basically because of their ignorance. Take the case of Kannur in Kerala for instance. Many immediately think of just political violence, but the land is not just about that. It has a proud history and how can one not be aware of the Payyambalam beach? The Kottiyoor temple? The Theyyams and percussionist Mattannoor Sankarankutty among other things.

Coming straight to the point. Yes, Thailand is a place where sex tourism exists but it is not recognised in the country legally. It's just that they are a bit lenient on the rules to promote tourism, which is their main earnings. 

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People, who visit the place on package tours, often get the wrong information from their so-called tour guides and then give more exaggerated descriptions on their return. Also, we shouldn't assess Bangkok from the lines of some films, made by makers who have never visited the place as a traveller.

What awaits you in Thailand are beautiful sights and pristine beaches. They will take you to a dreamland, all on an affordable budget. AirAsia has a lot of attractive and affordable deals that can work well with your respectable budgets. Click here to book your flights.