Among the many life changing events that take place in a woman’s life, an engagement is definitely it. On the day of the engagement, she is dressed in the finest silk, dazzles in beautiful jewellery and is a sight to behold. She even smiles in every picture an unrelenting photographer takes.

But as time passes by, the smile begins to fade away, nights become tense and tension lines appear on the forehead. Admit it ladies, every woman secretly misses her single life, dreads living in a strange house and looks at every object in the house as if it might disappear the next day. If you’ve just put a ring on it, you might find yourself experiencing these seven emotional situations.


For all the times life was carefree.  Women who are recently engaged relive their college days, their sleepovers and their favourite haunts in the city. They will want to eat their favourite dishes and use a strange strain of emotional blackmail to eat everything from their childhood at one go.

 Cold feet

It’s not just men who experience cold feet. Women wonder if they’ve chosen the right man, the right family,  a reception appropriate lehenga, the most beautiful jewellery.... the anxieties are endless.

Comparisons to the ex

Every woman who has made her relationship official thinks about her exes who could have become her husband. Most of them compare the two men’s dressing sense, commitment phobia, and calmness level. They wonder why the one who got away actually got away.

Being a general bridezilla

Anyone who has a bride in the family is encouraged to keep a journal or attend support meetings. A woman who is going to get married complains a lot, gets angry all the time, searches for perfection and is perpetually disappointed that there’s no space for her high standards in this world.

Turning into a sanskaari woman

A newly engaged woman becomes friends with his uncles, aunts, cousins and even remembers a distant relative’s pet. Yes, every woman finds herself taking on some new responsibilities after she gets engaged and this makes them excited no matter how much they complain about it to their girl friends.

Becoming a traveller

Women who get engaged get suddenly bitten by the fear of missing out or FOMO as its known. They start making travel plans to locations they might never go to with their husbands. No wonder most bachelorette parties take place in an exotic location.