This sleepy hamlet in Kundapur lies 450-kilometers away from Bengaluru.  What makes this drive special is the presence of a Sauparnika river on one side of the road and the Arabian beach that runs parallel to it, making it a scenic coastal drive.

So if you are a beach bum, this place is the ideal one for a quick getaway.


Here are three must-see places at Maravanthe.



Looking for something less touristy in Maravanthe, head on over here. There’s a popular  beach house here called the Bijadi Beach House which is worth a visit. It is known for its Mangalorean tiles.



This is one of the most popular beach in this hamlet.  It has a unique feature – its sands are almost white. If you want to indulge in some classic beach activities, like snorkelling and scuba diving, then this is the place to be at.


Kodachadri Hills:

 If you love trekking, then head on over here, and get some classic views once you scale the top.