Beer and wine parlours under the Kerala State Beverages Corporation (Bevco) could soon see female workers waiting tables and serving liquor.

In a pioneering move, the state excise department is planning to amend the Kerala abkari shops disposal rules 2002 and the foreign liquor rules 1953 so that restrictions imposed on women from working in bar hotels, beer and wine parlours and bevco outlets can be lifted, according to a report by the Times of India.

The existing rules clearly say that women should not be employed in any capacity in a toddy shop, retail liquor outlets and beer parlours. The excise department is planning to sent a proposal to the government for ratification soon, in a move aimed at promoting employment opportunities for women.

However, it is debatable if such a move, even if green-lighted by the government, will be an ideal one in a state like Kerala.

Crimes, mostly sexual, against women and minors have been on the rise in the state in the past one year or so. The lack of adequate safety and security for women, even in public places like railway stations or trains, has been cited as one of the biggest reasons in the rise in crimes.

To have women serving liquor at retail outlets or waiting tables in wine and beer parlours under such circumstances might not be the perfect call.