Woman hacked in front of commuters at railway station in Kerala

First Published 15, Nov 2017, 11:19 AM IST
Woman stabbed Kerala railway station
  • A woman was hacked at a railway station while waiting to catch the train
  • A knife-wielding​ man hacked the woman on her face and tried to escape
  • The victim suffered severe injuries and is admitted to hospital

A woman was repeatedly hacked by a man at Kuttipuram railway station on Monday night. A knife-wielding man stabbed the woman who was waiting to catch a train to Bengaluru. 

The victim, a native of Vengadu, Athippara, suffered severe injuries on her jaws. She had been admitted to a private hospital in Perinthalmanna. 

The incident took place at 9 pm. The attacker tried to escape after hacking her but the passengers and local people managed to catch him.

He was later handed over in police custody.