A Kerala woman was rescued from a sex racket in UAE by people from her home town on Sunday.

The woman was rescued from Al Ain and boarded a flight to Kerala with the help of social workers on Monday morning, according to Asianet News.

The woman said she flew to Sharjah last month after an agent called Anas, who based in Kozhikode, assured her of a job as a receptionist in a hospital. When she reached there, a woman called Deepa received her and brought her to a sex trade centre in Al Ain. And it was only then that the woman understood that she had fallen into a trap. 

The people there snatched her phone and locked her up in a room when she refused to cooperate. When she said she wanted to go home, they demanded Rs 2 lakh from her. She was not given food and physically abused several times. 
The woman then started pretending that she was cooperating and managed to get her phone back. She then called up her family and friends and informed them of her flight. They in turn contacted some people they knew in the UAE who reached the centre under the pretence that they are customers and rescued her.

The woman told Asianet News that she was presented to more than 70 men in the last month.