The Kerala police team probing the actress attack case is planning to question Kavya Madhavan, her mother Shyamala Madhavan, actor turned politician Mukesh and singer Rimi Tomy again. 

Though the Special Investigation Team (SIT) have found that all of them have connections with Pulsar Suni, the prime accused, the officials are yet to find out whether they had direct links with the crime. 

The SIT had questioned all of them after Dileep was arrested on July 10 for his alleged role in the conspiracy that led to the attack on the actress. 

Though the officials failed to find evidence establishing direct links with the accused, some statements given by them throws light in that direction. 

The statements given by Kavya and Rimi Tomy are contradictory to what Dileep said while Pulsar Suni's words are totally against Kavya's. There are reports that the police also got pictures in which Kavya was seen with Pulsar Suni. 

Here are the contradictory statements made by various persons during police questioning in the case.

SIT questioned Dileep and his friend Nadirshah, a director, for 13 hours on June 29. As per reports, Dileep repeatedly said that he did not know Pulsar Suni, the prime accused in the case. 

However, police found out that Suni had visited the actor at his films' sites, especially during the shooting of 'Georgettan's Pooram.' 

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He was also present in several selfies taken by the actor, and there are reports that they hatched the conspiracy at the same shooting site. 

Police also got a report that Suni had visited Dileep during the shooting of 'Pinneyum' - in which Kavya played the lead role. 

Suni told the SIT that he handed over the memory card, with the video of the attack, in Kavya Madhavan's boutique in Kakkanad. 

Though police raided the shop, they failed to recover the memory card. They also checked CCTV visuals, but Suni was not found in them. 

However, the officials managed to find Suni's footage from the CCTV visuals in a nearby building, proving the claim raised by the accused. 

Kavya Madhavan was questioned on July 26, and according to reports, she denied any connection with Suni. However, Pulsar Suni has now revealed that he was Kavya Madhavan's driver for two months. 


Pulsar Suni has now revealed that he was Kavya Madhavan's driver for two months


On questioning, Kavya revealed to the police that the assaulted actress knew about her relationship with Dileep and it led to some issues. She also admitted that she was very close to the actress and their relationship was strained after a foreign trip.

This is contrary to Dileep's statement that he had an arranged marriage with Kavya Madhavan. 

Police are of the opinion that Dileep conspired against the actress out of personal grudge - under the impression that she destroyed his marriage to Manju Warrier. 

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There were rumours that it was the assaulted actress who informed about Dileep's relationship with Kavya to Manju Warrier. 

The next one to be questioned was singer Rimi Tomy, who is very close to Dileep and Kavya. Rimi told police that she called Kavya as soon as she came to know about the attack through news channels at night. 

However, Dileep had said that he came to know about the news only on next day morning from newspaper reports. On the surface, it seems unlikely that Dileep would not be informed of the attack by Kayva until he discovered it by himself at 9 am the next day. 

Further, producer Anto Joseph called Dileep as soon as he came to know about the incident the same night. However, police have found out that the actor ended the call in 12 seconds. 

It was Manju Warrier who alleged conspiracy in actress attack. Police had questioned the actress before questioning Dileep. 

Dileep continues to insist that he learned of the attack only in the morning.