A young couple from Wayanad, who have allegedly been ostracised by their community following their love marriage five years ago, have sought the intervention of the Prime Minister to end their ordeal. 


In a plea sent to the Prime Minister's Office, Sukanya, 23, and husband Arun, 27, who hail from Mananthavady, have said that they have been ostracised on charge of 'betraying' the community after they got married in 2012.


"Our community has brought out pamphlets describing us as betrayers," she said. 


The complaint has been recently forwarded by the PMO to Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan's grievances cell and to the social justice department. The couple also forwarded a letter to the DGP, seeking action against a leader of their community who had allegedly made derogatory comments against them. 


Based on a government directive, the Mananthavady police have begun an enquiry into the matter, officials said on Sunday. 


Arun and Sukanya, belonging to the Yadava community, said their troubles started five years ago after they fell in love and decided to get married. The couple, who have a two-year old daughter, said they were unable to meet their family members or attend family get-togethers, marriages or even funerals due to the ostracisation. 


"We were ostracised as ours was a love marriage. We got married in a temple and got our marriage registered. According to the local community head, the marriage was not as per customs," Sukanya said.  "We cannot go home, my relatives cannot come to my house or spend time with my daughter. I have not visited my parents for the past four-and-half years," she added. 


Sukanya also alleged that when she attended a wedding recently and sat next to her parents, the parents were isolated by the community for three months as part of a punishment. 


(with PTI inputs)