Abdul Nasser Madani, who is accused in Bengaluru serial blasts case, will be in Kerala from August 1 to 14 to attend his son's wedding. The political activist got permission from Supreme Court. 

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However, it was not easy for his lawyer Prashant Bhushan to get a favourable verdict from the court after the High Court rejected his plea. The court had granted ten days till August 10. The bench also said that he has to bear the expense of police personnel who will accompany him. 

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Madani approached Supreme Court, and his lawyer Prashant Bhushan sought an extended parole period for his client. He also told the bench that Madani does not have the money to bear the expense of security officers. 

At this point, the judge interfered and asked him how his client, who got no money with him, is paying the fee to the lawyer. 

Bhushan replied that he took the case to honour a request by late Justice V R Krishna Iyer, years ago. The former Supreme Court judge had once sent him a handwritten letter explaining the plight of Madani. Iyer also asked him to help the accused if possible.

Bhushan explained that he now decided to represent Madani at Supreme Court to honour the request of Krishna Iyer. 

Moved by the explanation, the division bench agreed to his demands and allowed 14 days parole to Madani and asked Karnataka state government to bear the expenses of his security.