A Keralite author has accused the St Teresa's College management of withdrawing permission to use the auditorium as the venue to release her book when they got to know that it deals with a lesbian love story.

According to Sree Parvathy, St Teresa’s, a renowned women's college in Kochi, had initially agreed to the release of her book 'Meenukal Chumbikkunnu (When Fishes Kiss)' at the college auditorium on May 14. However, the management allegedly withdrew permission after a brochure regarding the theme of the book was circulated on campus.

Sree Parvathy said that the management expressed concern that the book and the event could "influence the minds of students".

Written by the 33-year-old freelance journalist, ‘Meenukal Chumbikkunnu’ tells the story of two girls who are forced to hide their love. It deals with their fear of how the society will perceive their relationship, and how they finally overcome it.

“We had booked the venue almost a week ago. We distributed our brochures and newsletters with details of the venue. We suddenly received a call from the principal today saying that the college is turning going back on their word in line with their stance on lesbian identity,” Onmanorama quoted Sree Parvathy as saying. 

‘Meenukal Chumbikkunnu’ will be released at the Children's Park Theatre, opposite the college on May 14.