A day after his house was smeared in black oil by miscreants for supporting Dileep in actress attack case, actor, director Sreenivasan has come with a sarcastic response to the whole incident. "I wish they had smeared the whole house in black oil," Sreenivasan said. 

"I wish those who smeared black oil should have done that all over the house. It would have saved me from painting the house. Anyway, I don't plan to clean the house. Instead, I have asked my people to ask the miscreants, in case they come across one, to smear black oil over the entire house," the actor said. 

He is also not planning to lodge any complaint against perpetrators. The miscreants smeared his house with black oil after Sreenivasan said that he believes that Dileep is innocent in actress attack case. "I know Dileep. He won't do such an act," Sreenivasan had said.