As if six years of torture wasn't enough, parliamentarian Shashi Tharoor has more to add for the 23-year old law student who chopped off the genitals of the godman who tried to rape her. Tharoor suggests that the woman should have approached the police instead of such "swift justice". Well sir, if you may know, the constitution grants a woman permission to take a man's life if he tries to rape her. In this case, the godman should thank his stars that he is still alive.

True, the woman should have raised her voice when was about time, but how exactly do you place a situation when her parents are also involved in such blindfolded superstition? How exactly do you suggest a woman should react to such a situation when a lecherous godman, whom her parents have been worshiping since her childhood, is trying to make advances toward her? How is she to understand what is wrong and what is right because she has been taught to believe the wrong right from her childhood? 

You say very conveniently that she should have approached the police instead of taking the law into her own hands. Good that you had at least reserved your comments for this occassion and had not blurted out the same in the case of Nirbhaya. You would indeed have become a 'national sensation' then. But just imagine someone saying something like this to a woman who has already lost hope in huamnity and who has had enough! Do you remember exactly what you had said? "There is something gratifying about such swift justice, but she would have been better off bringing the matter to the police, rather than taking the law into her own hands. I sympathise with her, as most people would, but we need a society where justice prevails, not the one where every individual seeks it with a knife in hand."

This, when your own party men congratulated her for being brave and demand for mercy. Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan too supported the girl saying, "It was a courageous step, no doubt about it." 

Well, Mr Tharoor, just for your information, according to a small sample survey, Human Rights Watch projects more than 7,200 minors are raped in India each year. Among these, victims who do report an assault allegedly suffer mistreatment in the hands of the police. Most of the minor girls wither face social ostracization or are trafficked into prostitution permanently. Now, we would be glad to have you justify your statement in that context...if you may please.