The confession of RSS worker Subeesh, who is an accused in a murder case, that Muhammad Fazal, a National Development Front worker at Thalassery, was hacked to death by a group of RSS workers, has been made public. Subeesh confessed to the CBI that the murder was committed by four persons including him on October 22, 2006.  

Subeesh aka Kuppi Subeesh is the accused in the murder of CPM worker K Mohanan in Koothuparamba, Kannur on October 10, 2016. A video submitted by CBI in the court shows Subeesh admitting to police that CPM leaders Karayi Rajan and Karayi Chandrashekharan were not involved in the murder, but RSS activists including him were behind the act. He also said that the murder of CPM worker C Pavitharan was also committed by the same group. 

Subeesh made the confession when police interrogated him in connection with the murder of Mohanan. 

He says that the murder was committed by RSS workers Shinoj, Prabeesh and Prameesh. It was an act of revenge as Fazal was continuously destroying RSS banners and flags in the area. Four of them went to the spot on a single bike and waited for Fazal to show up. The other three persons hacked Fazal. We left the place soon and met RSS worker Thilakan and informed the matter at RSS office on the next day, he said. 

The CBI had found that CPM hatched a plot to kill Fazal out of political animosity and had arrested eight persons including CPM local leaders. Fazal was a CPM activist before he joined the NDF. The investigation agency had stated that the murder was masterminded by Karayi brothers, Rajan and Chandrashekharan and executed by others. They were named 7th and 8th accused in the case. However, the confession has given a new twist to the case.