A team of over 100 technicians led by Resul are at the Pooram grounds with hi-tech recording equipment to capture the visuals and sounds of the grand old temple festival.

Live and surround systems set up at the ground will copy even the most minute sound. Recording will take place on 182 tracks, with five different software used to avoid lapses or glitches. Renowned percussion performance Ilanjithara Melam and the sounds from the Pooram are being recorded separately, and will be blended later. The team will also record the fireworks on Saturday.

Resul said he wanted to preserve the magic of Pooram through it sounds and pass it on to the ones who never had a chance to experience the festival.

"Pooram is perhaps one of the wonders of the world in terms of its visual and sound appeal. My aim here is to make an archive of the sounds of the Pooram, the instruments that are played in it, the sound of the elephants and the people, and finally the fireworks too. I hope to make it in such a manner that the Pooram appeals to even a blind person," reports quoted Resul as saying.

Resul won the Academy Award for best sound mixing for his work in the 2008 Danny Boyle film 'Slumdog Millionaire'.