Pulsar Suni responds to media on Nadirshah's role in actress attack

First Published 8, Sep 2017, 12:04 PM IST
Pulsar Suni on role of Nadirshah
  • Pulsar Suni said about role of Nadirshah for the first time
  • He said the VIP from Aluva should speak about this
  • Suni also said that he will give details during trial of case

Pulsar Suni, who revealed the name of Dileep, has for the first time spoken about the role of director Nadirshah in actress attack case. He said the VIP from Aluva will reveal about the role of the director. 

He also said that he will reveal about Nadirshah's role during the trial of the case. Suni got a chance to respond to media while presented before Ernakulam Chief Judicial Court. 

The court extended his remand in actress attack case till September 22. 

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Meanwhile, Pulsar Suni's advocate requested the court to shift him to any jail in Ernakulam. The accused is currently lodged in Viyyur Central Jail after he complained about a life threat at Kakkanad sub-jail. 

It was Pulsar Suni's statement that that landed actor Dileep in the case. He had said that a VIP from Aluva is involved in the case. 

He had on several occasions said about the role of 'madam' and later said that his 'madam' is Kavya. Suni had also told police that he was close to Kavya and her family and that the actress used to lend him money. 

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Kavya had, during interrogation said, that she doesn't know Suni, but there are reports that police got evidence to prove that the accused was close to the actress.