This Prithviraj song got over five million views and the actor has thanked everyone

First Published 24, Sep 2017, 8:13 PM IST
Prithviraj Adam Joan Instagram
  • Prithviraj thanked the viewers for the reception they gave to the YouTube video of his movie Adam Joan
  • The YouTube video of the song 'Ee Kaattu Vannu' got over 5 million views
  • The actor posted a still from the movie on his Instagram account to thank his fans

Prithviraj's Adam Joan is doing well in theatres. The actor had already thanked viewers from the reception they gave to his movie. 

Now the actor is even more happy that the YouTube videos of the songs of the film have crossed 5 million views. Prithvi shared his joy through his Instagram account. 



He also shared the video of the song 'Ee Kattu.' Watch the video.