Poverty forces Kerala mother to send her 5 kids to orphanage

First Published 4, Oct 2017, 6:03 PM IST
parents hands over children to orphanage
  • Parents handed over their children to orphanage for they have no income to feed or raise the kids
  • The neighbours filed a complaint against the parents with Child Welfare Committee
  • The couple had followed all legal procedures while handing over the kids to the orphanage

In a shocking incident, a mother sent five children to orphanage citing money shortage. The mother from Kannadi in Palakkad decided to give away her children as she had no income to feed and raise the kids. 

The children were sent to an orphanage in Edathanattukara. The incident came to light after neighbours complained against the woman. The children were produced before Child Welfare Committee following this complaint. 

The couple has five children, including three girls and two boys, between the age of four and ten years. For the past six years, the family was living in a small hut on the poramboke land.

The father of the kids was working at a toddy shop and lost his job a few months ago. Later, the mother approached ward member stating that they don't have any means to take care of the kids. 

The couple handed over the kids to the orphanage by following all legal procedures. However, local people alleged that the parents sold their kids for money. 

After getting the complaint, Child Welfare Committee met the children and decided to send them with the parents.