Kerala police are not at all happy about the visitors of Dileep at Aluva sub-jail, and the officials are doubtful of the meeting of the actor with his close friend and director Nadirshah and director Ranjith. As per reports, police had already recorded their statements in actress attack case. 

However, the probe is not yet finished, and the police have not dismissed any possibilities of further arrests in connection with the case. Further, the High Court, while considering the bail plea of Dileep, had observed that there is primary evidence against the actor. It is under such a situation that the police has become suspicious about the visits of Nadirshah and Ranjith. 

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It was after a 13-hour drilling of both Dileep and Nadirshah that the officials decided to arrest the actor. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) had summoned Nadirshah for interrogation last week, but the director refrained from appearing stating that his health is not good. He also got admitted to hospital.

Further, he made a statement that he is under enormous pressure from the police to give false statements against Dileep. He even said that the police also threatened to arrest him for failing to do so. 

He also approached High Court seeking anticipatory bail. However, the court deferred the hearing on September 13 and said that it wouldn't prevent the arrest of the director. 

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The SIT is of the opinion that Nadirshah visiting and conducting discussions about the case with the actor is a serious concern. It was director Ranjit who submitted Dileep's complaint against Pulsar Suni to the DGP. The actor had complained that Suni is blackmailing him demanding money. 

Police had taken the statement of Ranjith and had made him a witness in the case. 

The statement made by K B Ganesh Kumar MLA after visiting the actor is also considered to be a rare one, and the officials have approached court saying that it was a planned statement made with the intention to influence the witness.

It is doubted that a person who accompanied one of the visitors to jail had a mobile phone with him. Angamaly Magistrate Court has asked jail authorities to provide details of the persons who visited Dileep at Aluva sub-jail, following a complaint filed by police before the court.